• St Loup and St Roch Church:
Known under the name of "Notre Dame" until 1700, it was built at the end of the XIth century. It was partially destroyed in 1421 during the Hundred Year's War then in 1756 during the period of the religious Wars. It's listed in the inventory of the cultural heritage.
  • The washing place :
Situated on the river Aveyron at the entrance of the village, it dates back to the XIXth century. Recently restored, we can see the guidage beams of the mechanism which allow to raise or to fall according to the level of the river. It's listed in the general registry of the cultural heritage.
  • Mil of Gravière :
Water mill which existed in  the XVIIIth century. It's represented on the cadastral plan of 1831, reconstructed in the second half of the XIXth century. It's not in service anymore. It's registered in the inventory of the cultural heritage.