• St Maurice and St Marc Church :
From the XIIth century and reorganized in XIXth century, it was rebuilt after 1568 after being destroyed by the protestants. The inside is reorganized and bays are enlarged in 1830. In 1840, two side chapels forming a transept are added. A bell of the church hung to a little lanternon is classified as Historic Monument in 1943.
  • Castle of "Valette" (private) :
Built in 1864 by Marie Joseph le Bouëdec, the castle is occupied from the second half of 1893 by the viscount and the viscountess Albert Isle de Beaucheine. The castle keeps the memory of period "Beaucheine" through the mosaic in the hallway and which display lis flower and viscount's crows. A chapel of neogothic style is situated in the park of the castle. The building is situated in a tree-filled park of 38 hectares.
  • Castle of "Beaudenin" (private) :
It was built in the end of the fourth quarter of the XIXth century on the foundations of an older building, in the Norman style for Charles Saunier.
  • The washing place :
IT dates back to the XXth century, it presents removable boards, with winches manually activable by a baguette. Every board was kept by chains connected to winches. Boards were recently taken out. This system allowed to settle the height of boards according to the low-water mark of Vernisson.