• Gallo-Roman amphitheater of Chenevrières : (private)

This amphitheater was a part of the antique city of Montbouy. Its construction dates back to the end of the roman time and the Early Middle Ages. Of elliptic shape, it could welcome up to 4000 people.

  • The heathen temple said "sanctuary of source" :

It was a part of the antique city of a room with a mosaiced ground. Abandoned in the IVth century, the site was discovered after 1604 during the construction of the Briare Canal. 

  • Notre Dame St Blaise Church :

Parochial church built in several stages, it was modified in the course of the XIIth century by the construction of a portal. Itemphazizes various styles : Roman, Gothic and Renaissance.

  • Castle of Bennes :

The main building built during the second half of the XVIIIth century was lined in 1911 by a second building by the architect Dammeron. The castle was supplied with water by a water tower. The filing was assured by a steam engine, we stopped its functioning in 1965.

You can also see : the Briare Canal, the lock and the washing place.

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