• Church St Martin :
It dates back to XIIth century. The nave is from 1680. The construction of a sacristy in the south of the bell tower and reorganization of the west wall were made between 1877 and 1891.
  • Washing place :
Restored in 2012, it dates back to 1892, it is an important space of the heritage of Aillant, just like the church and the source of Milleron. This washing place is one of the few in the Loiret to have a closed surrounding wall.
  • The Milleron :
It takes its source in the locality "the Fountain". This stream is at the origin of the name of the village : "by going Milleron" so "en allant sur le Milleron" in French : Aillant sur Milleron.
Eglise dos aillant 1