• Fortress of Briquemault : 
Only some ruins of the Castle of Briquemault remains. It seems to have been built a little before 1152 and certainly succeeded to an older construction. It is in the Louis VII's time forteress style and was property of Mr Pregrimault.
  • Castle of the "Renardière" (private) : 
Built in XVIIIth century, its chapel was built in 1788 by mister Falaiseau then sold as property of the State. In 1872, the architect "The Faun", modified the distribution of the castle, the farm undergoes modifications at the end of 1880.
Other castles : "Rivières", "Buisson" and "Bois Joli".
  • The church : 
Built in the location of a priory established in the VIth century, it was reshaped in the XIIth century then reconstructed in the XIXth century and completely renovated. A wide nave opens on an ample and bright chorus. It shelters an invaluable reliquary containing bones attributed to Sainte Geneviève des Bois.
  • The mill of Briquemault : 
It was built in the second half of the XIXth century, on the location of an older one. Supply by waters of Loing, it is not in service any more since approxiamately 1955.