Nogent on Vernisson is a small rural village, situated in the South of Gâtinais, in the edge of the fôret of Orléans, between the Giennois, the Puisaye and the Sologne.

  •  Castle of Barres :

 Former siege of the said school of Bars (forestry), is presently the siege of the IFN ( National Forest Inventory), the organism asked to realize the inventory of the French forest resources. 

  • St Martin Church :

It was reconstructed in 1869 on the ruins of the XIIth century building.
Vestiges of the chapel Notre-Dame to Chauffour date back to the XIIth and XIIIth centuries.

  • The ponds :
Ponds are in the South of Nogent, on the course of Vernisson.
The first one is lined with numerous species of trees.
The second is lined with a collection of "Aulnes" native of the whole world in memory of the name of the river, the Vernisson which meant in Gallo-Roman " the river lined with Aulnes ".
  • The Arboretum of Bares (see in the section " inescapable places ")