Watch-making museum Lorris

Established in 1995 by Mrs. Dubernet, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Georges Lemoine, it presents the framework of a watchmaker in rural areas in 1930-1960.
A beautiful collection of tools, some of them being machines of the nineteenth century.
Watches, alarm clocks, clocks and monumental clock tower of the church of Lorris, built in 1861 and restored by some enthusiastic amateurs.

The workshop pendulum : Open to youths, adults and retired enthusiasts interested in the practice of restoration and conservation of old timepieces watches.
Led by members of the " Musée Georges Lemoine" association, which regularly call professionals or amateurs particularly enlightened, to improve everyone's knowledge (Job restoration and presentation of museum objects. Initiation to the method of restoration of the old movements.
Development for those who already have some experience.)
Leisure activity, the workshop pendulum is not a commercial repair shop. 

4 rue des marchés – 45260 LORRIS
(Entrance through the Tourist Office in the hall)
tél. 02 38 94 85 75
Musee 5