Rogny les Sept Ecluses

Rogny, municipality near Puisaye, is known for its exceptional site: 7 locks.

Henry IV and the duc of Sully, were convinced that a canal connecting the Loire river to the Seine river would benefit the trafic of marchandise but the level difference is 24 meters. So on the Briare's canal, the project included six locks (the seventh was added later) receiving water from lakes and rivers of the Puisaye, the area around Rogny. The Seven locks is an huge monument which was in the XVIIth century an innovation because boats could climb the hill in one day only. Since 1642, the seven locks functioned practically without interruption but in 1887 the traffic on the seven locks was definitely abandonned both for their large consumption of water and their insufficient size. Six new locks with large space in between were built in 1880 to replace the original seven locks. The new canal, longer and wider, enables boat of Freycinet size to navigate on it.

To see also : the church, the communal sink for washing clothes.