Castle of St Fargeau

The history of St Fargeau's castle extends over the centuries. In 980, Heribert, bishop of Auxerre and brother of Hugues Capet, built a fortified hunting station. From the Xth till the XVth century, the castle has illustrious families for owners: the Lords of Toucy, de Bar, and the famous financier of Charles VII, Jacques Coeur. Antoine de Chabannes build in 1453, on the bases of the former fortress, the current castle with his pentagonale shape and six big towers.

In 1652, Anne-Marie Louise of Orléans, the Big Miss, first cousin of Louis XIV, condemned for 5 years of exile following the events of the Revolt, settles down to St Fargeau. She makes Le Vau work on the internal facades of the castle which becomes one of the most beautiful examples of French classicism. The Lepeltier Family acquires the castle in 1713. Louis Michel Lepeltier, well-known conventional, voted for the death of Louis XVI and died murdered. Since 1979, St Fargeau's castle is Michel Guyot's property.

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