Castle of Guedelon

Guédelon, the medieval adventure of the XXIth century.

At the heart of Puisaye, about fifty of oeuvriers meet an outstanding challenge : build a fort according to techniques and with materials used in the Middle Ages.

Discover the fort under construction and visit more than about fifteen already realized rooms : the chapel, the kitchen, the storeroom, the reception hall, the shooting galleries, the room of the guests decorated with murals...

Observe work in progress and leave to the meeting of oeuvriers : quarrymen, stonecutters, masons, in the smiths, lumberjacks, carpenters, ropemakers, tile makers, carters... they will speak to you about their job, about their tools and will explain you their role in the construction of the castle.

Also meet basketwork, discover the dye of the wool with plants, the manufacturing of pigments for murals and the manufacturing of the monaie such as it was practised in the Middle Ages.

In the village, you will cross donkeys, seeps, gooses, pigs and by borrowing the forest path, you will reach up to the water mill of Guedelon. Whike producing his flour, the miller explain you the functioning of his mill.

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